Save time in the greenhouse with ARaymond exciting new free-fall hook options

Date : 06.30.17 | Theme : Agriculture

With demand for tomatoes ever-increasing in the international produce sector, producers are always on the lookout for products which can save both time and labour costs, and increase crop production. In order to meet these demands, ARaymond* has recently launched a new range of options for its family of greenhouse hooks. The new figure 8 and elastic free fall options have been  introduced in ARaymond hooks portfolio to be as labour-saving as possible for growers and producers.

An effective solution

Producers and growers are increasingly cultivating their tomato plants indoors in order to produce crops on a year-round basis and increase their yield. A single greenhouse can typically house up to 30 000 plants and there are often several varieties of tomato plant in the same greenhouse. To save time and labour costs, growers need easy-to-use high-quality hooks in order to hang their tomato plants.

Created to meet growers needs

Victor Fernet, a Sales Engineer with ARaymond explains that the new figure 8 and elastic free fall options were created to meet growers needs. He stated “Our customers need hooks which can be easily installed in the greenhouse and also easily connected to the plants. The quicker a worker can remove the hooks from the packaging and hang them in place, the more efficient he will be. Our figure 8 and elastic free fall hooks are easy to remove from their boxes and can be held and attached in one hand. They free fall straight down and our anti-fall system prevents the plants slipping or jumping from the high wire” He added “Another advantage of these new free fall options is that they are easily adjustable so the producers can decide for themselves the length of the hook bundle and the length of the free fall, 2 key factors for efficient crop production.”

Fully customisable

Flexible and efficient, the new free fall options are also very easy to use. The elastic free fall option comes with an elastic fixing to be removed before hanging, and the figure 8 option comes with pre-wound twine in a figure 8 shape which can be placed directly onto the overhead high wire. The hooks are available in 2 sizes, 18cm and 22cm, and the free fall options totally eliminate the need to manually unwind the hook to reach the correct length of twine required. Mr Fernet described the adaptability of the free fall options mentioning “the customer can choose from a variety of twine thicknesses, colours, and even materials depending on what variety of plant he’s growing, whether he needs to be able to differentiate between different species and whether he requires biodegradable and compostable products or classic twine options.”

An ideal solution

With ARaymond reputation throughout the produce sector for high-quality and innovative fastening solutions, these new free fall options look set to impress, with initial feedback from customers very positive. Custom-built specifically for the production phase, ARaymond believes the new free fall hooks will be the ideal solution for tomato growers both in Europe and the rest of the world.

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