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月日 : 10.13.06 | Âテゴリー : Press article

Eco-design is a factor for innovation

'eco-design "Eco-design" involves the integration of environmental aspects in the design or re-design of products. The idea is to consider environmental requirements for the product. In our case, the idea is to comply with regulations concerning the environment, acoustic performance, aptitude for recycling, energy required for manufactu… [+]

月日 : 02.15.05 | Âテゴリー : Press article

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月日 : 11.15.04 | Âテゴリー : Press article

Automotive News - Press release November, 2004

High performance adhesive fasteners Raybond is unique in being able to offer this combined mechanical and chemical bonding technology. Raybond offers a full development service from customer enquiry to a bonding cell turnkey solution designed for "Ready to bond" fasteners. Ready to bond fasteners Techbond® *********************… [+]

月日 : 10.01.04 | Âテゴリー : Press article

Automotive News - Press release October, 2004

Efficient glass cleaning with added safety Integration of functions ******************* A Raymond nozzle systems include several functions and are specifically developed for advanced windscreen cleaning. An individually designed chip provides the required spray pattern for optimum windscreen wetting at any speed. Further options include n… [+]

月日 : 09.25.04 | Âテゴリー : Press article

RAY-Bonded fasteners are becoming increasingly important on glass !

RAYBOND will take part to an event dedicated to glass automotive applications in Paris on October 5th & 6th. Please see the program below. For further information, you are welcome to get in touch with RAYBOND, tel : + 33 3 89 89 77 60, e-mail : PDFをダウンロード… [+]

月日 : 03.01.04 | Âテゴリー : Press article

Automotive Engineering Partners 3/2004

FRENCH CANCAN Allen wirtschaftlichen Erfolgen zum Trotz ist den Franzosen die Bewunderung ihres „savoir vivre“ sicherer als die Anerkennung ihrer unternehmerischen Leistungen. Dabei hat sich Frankreich in den vergangenen Jahren in einigen Branchen eine führende Position auf dem Weltmarkt erarbeitet. Doch wer dann einmal über d… [+]